Wednesday, 16 May 2018

What are my top six posts?

Here’s the latest countdown…

Number 6

One of my more respectable ancestors, who made a distinguished contribution to Glaswegian culture. 

This is the only known photo of him.

Number 5:

The story of a war hero who also built a church retains its place at number 5. 

There will be a further item on him later in the year.

Number 4:

An introduction to my two tea-planting ancestors. This is up from number 6 and continues to have regular views. The picture shows Claud on the left and Fred on the right with their respective spouses seated with two other daughters of Claud's standing. 'Ruffles' is in a bow.  

Number 3:

Solving more family mysteries and widening horizons. This item was previously number 2.

The photo was taken at a country show in about 1950 and would have been against his will had he known.

Number 2:

La Trobe: Rambler, Writer and Royalist. 

Responses to John Barnes impressive award-winning biography of the man whose name followed me around for many years. 

This was previously number 1.

And the new top read is...

Number 1:

Australia Day: when would you like it? 
Should we change the date of Australia Day? Here are some suggestions which might be better than 26 January! 
The Red Ensign flag - Australia's original flag, is via Wikipedia.

Please look over the posts and share your favourites…

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